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Unsent SMS at Xiaomi - After sharing some tutorials along with tips for Xiaomi smartphones like how to install google camera on Xiaomi, now I will share a tip on how to overcome undeliverable SMS at Xiaomi or precisely at Mi Message. Possibly all users have experienced this event if they often mengoprek smartphone such as changing the Custom ROM, Factory reset and others. Mimin himself had already felt this bug in the Mediatek (Nickel) Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X when trying to use the TRI card. When you want to check your quota by sending an SMS, the SMS is not sent.

At that time I thought that my Provider was disturbed but there was no change in the period of the week and finally I decided to change the Card. After changing this card I tried to send an SMS, it worked. But 2 weeks after usage again the problem of unsent SMS. And finally I found the problem in the empty Service Center Number and finally I looked for the center number. Indeed, for how to overcome this undeliverable SMS is to enter the SMSC center number of the provider you are using.

Unsent SMS at Xiaomi

Here I have provided the SMSC center number for each Provider that you can later use in making this tutorial. Next is the SMSC center number:

3 (TRI): +6289644000001
As & SIMPATI: +6281100000
Axis: +628315000031 or +628315000032
Indosat M3: +62855000000
Indosat Mentari: +62816124, +62816125, +62816126, +62816127 or +62816128
Smartfren: +628811223344
XL: +62818445009 or +628184450095

Okay here is a tutorial on how to resolve undeliverable SMS at Xiaomi (Mi Messege):

  1. First go to Application Settings / Settings then scrool down until you find the System Application menu then Click.
  2. After that, click Message (Mi Message)
  3. Then scrool down and click Additional Settings.
  4. Then click the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) and then enter the SMSC Center Number according to your Provider.
  5. If you have returned to the Homepage and immediately try sending an SMS.

If you have finished completing this tutorial then have tried sending an SMS but still fail please Reboot your smartphone first then try sending an SMS and make sure the SMSC Number is installed.

Thus this article about how to deal with undeliverable SMS in Xiaomi, hopefully with this tutorial it can help all Xiaomi users who have felt that the damage is the card not the application of the Mi Messaging application.